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National Youth Commission and Partners Meet

The 2015 Pacific Games Organizing Committee held a meeting recently with the NYC and its Youth Partners at the NYC Main Conference Room, Varahe Street Gordons. This was games awareness meeting in line with the theme Mobilizing Youth & Youth Partners for 2015 Pacific Games.

Acting Commissioner Norit Luio gave his opening remarks by welcoming all key stakeholders and partners. He stressed that 2015 Pacific Games was a big Event and a big challenge to all the youths.

“2015 games brings opportunity for the youths, you all need to work together with collective voice and promote your work so that your voice can be heard by the government” he said

Ken Siminji who is the Executive Marketing and Communications Manager 2015 Games did a brief presentation on the game itself, the ground works and their expectation on NYC to take lead in mobilizing it key stakeholders and partners through their networks right throughout the country. He pointed out that youths come from all different back ground and sports are like their passport

that takes them to places.

“ We have seen the government doing a lot on its part by investing on major infrastructure of 2015 Pacific Games, now as advocates for the youths our role is to building infrastructure mentally in the mindset for the youths and getting everybody involved” he said.