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2012 World AIDS Day Speech from Acting Director

Mr.Philip Tapo

Tomorrow ,December 1st marks the World AIDS Day that people around the world commemorate as well as celebrate . The question is why do we commemorate as well celebrate the World AIDS Day?  The reasons are many but a simple one  to remember  is; apart from other major catastrophes like; War, Tsunami, Volcanic eruptions which has killed many people, HIV a men made decease has killed more people around the world within a short period of time compared to other deceases like malaria, TB etc.

HIV and AIDS by world statistics has affected millions of people. As of 2011 65 million people have contracted HIV, and AIDS has killed 25 million people. In Asia/ Pacific, we rank amongst one of the top countries with highest prevalence rate and in Pacific we have the highest prevalence of 34,000 plus compared to Vanuatu with less than 20 cases.  In 2010 new cases alone is 4,208 and most of these people are women, meaning there are women infected than men. Most of these are young girls between the age of 13 to 24 years old and men age between 29 to 49 years old. Today although our indicators is labeling off, we need not to be complacent.

PNG join the world to commemorate  December 1st as the world AIDS DAY. We have our friends, families and loved ones who have lost their lives through the infections from this virus called HIV- HUMAN IMMUNO VIRUS. They lost their lives simply because they may have not been getting any form of help or assistance;

-  passing away due to being stigmatized and discriminated, no sense of hope for a second chance to live

-  Children dying due to mother to child transmit ion; ill informed of protective means to serve them and their child

-  Many have passed away in silence due to non accessibility to ART

-  No access to Transportation

- Many have died of hunger because stigma and discrimination related and finally we need to commemorate this day many PLWHA have died due to lack of basic HIV   information. All these reasons bring value and prominences towards commemorating this day as the WAD around the world.

-  No access to Basic HIV information

Whilst we commemorate we also need to celebrate and re-energized ourselves for the good work and affords have put into HIV/AIDS response in PNG. Organizations like; Catholic AIDS, Anglicare, Provincial AIDS Committees, Government Departments, Donor Partners and every organizations who are  involved in HIV response and have  contributed immensely to the following success stories

-  HIV prevalence labeling off to 0.78% from 1.67%. The changes does indicated some good work have been done all these years. 

-  We need to celebrate the HIV Networks amongst Partners throughout the country. We have the large HIV and AIDS implementing partners who have been supported by our Donor agencies.

-  We celebrate because 84% of our HIV positive people on ART

-  We celebrate increase Government Contributions to fight HIV in PNG

-  We celebrate because we have more data that will guide us unlike past years

I call on all partners not to be complacent but continue to keep the momentum going to ZERO HIV in PNG.